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MUG CLUB '23 - $250
  • Mug Club '23 Sticker

  • Limited edition 16 ounce True Vine Mug Club ’23 Glass

  • One limited Edition Mug Club ’23 Shirt

  • One 16 ounce beer of your choice each week for 2023

  • One 32 ounce Crowler from the Brewer’s Choice category of beer each month of 2023 (12 different beers over the course of the year)

  • Participation in the Mug Club Group Brew Day with founder Ryan Dixon (and pre-release pints upon completion)


If purchasing Mug Club '23 for yourself, feel free to drop by any of our True Vine tap rooms any Mon-Thurs during open hours and our friendly bar staff can get you set up!


To purchase Mug Club '23 on-line, as a gift or for yourself, please use the Buy Mug Club '23 button, choose the Mug Club 2023 Gift Card and select a $250 balance. Note: The Mug Club 2023 membership is $250 so you must select the $250 Gift Card option to cover the total activation. Yes we know it's quirky but that's the best solution we have!

Once the Mug Club certificate is purchased you will receive an email receipt. That unique Gift Card code can be used to activate your new membership at any of our taprooms Mon-Thurs during open hours. At the time of activation, we will collect Mug Club member information to coordinate distribution of the above Mug Club goodies.

Membership benefits will begin on January 1, 2023, and Mug Club '23 registration will close on January 31, 2023.

Thank you for buying Mug Club '23! You guys rock!

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